Book Reviews

"Not only was it a great tale, but the Lemonman was a great character." - Ahgoo Review, Boston MA.

"The author, Natasha Ferrill, did a good job of telling the story in verse. Unlike many other attempts at verse which seem forced and awkward, Ferrill's writing is a pleasure to read." - Maranda Russell, Muncie IN.

"Your child will not want to look away. This is definitely a book your children will want you to read again and again and you won't mind!" - Wild About Reading, Tulsa OK.

"The use of rhymes and the brilliant illustrations really brings this story to life in a unique way. This book belongs in every classroom library, church group, Sunday school lessons and home library. Let's hope we see a lot more of this cute and adorable Lemon." - Fran Lewis, Bronx NY.

"A Picnic, A Toad and Swampwater Road is a delightful book any child will love. Besides the pictures being colorful and inviting, the rhyming words have a singing kind of way about them." - Trinity Rose's Garden, New Plymouth, OH.

"Parents, teachers, homeschoolers and kids will love this rhyming tale of friendship and forgiveness." - Kristi's Book Nook, Wichita, KS.

"The toughest child critic will enjoy this charming story. It is easy to read and flows very nicely from page to page. Your child will demand that you read this book over and over again. And you will be more than happy to oblige." - Butterfly Readers, Simi Valley, CA.

"As good children's books go, this is a great one as it teaches a lesson without preaching and instead creates a world any young reader would love to be a part of." - Sarah Butland, Halifax, NS.

"Set in the magical town of Applenook, the first book in Natasha Ferrill's Lemonman series is a wonderfully imaginative and enchanting tale with fun, colourful, cartoon-style illustrations by Jose Pou and rhyming text brimming with energy and fun." - Helen Grant, UK.

"A Picnic, a Toad, and Swampwater Road is a wholesome book that excels in every way possible. Children will love the colorful illustrations and the incredible rhymes, which add a thick layer of magical animation to Applenook. Moreover, the writer, Natasha Ferrill, has crafted a universal tale, which will become a classic on our children's bookshelf." - Ernestia Fraser, The Bahamas.

"I highly recommend this book for family homes and classroom teaching." - Memorable Children Books and Gifts, Brandon, FL.

"I liked the book. I liked that the Lemonman was nice to the toad even though the toad was mean to him at first." - Bookworm Family, Schenectady, NY.

"This is one new children's series that will entertain children every time." - Kid Lit Reviews, Toledo, OH.

"This book will find a place in libraries for parents and caregivers who believe in the importance of conveying positive messages through stories." - Resource Links, Pouch Cove, NL. Volume 17 Number 2, December 2011.

"Ferrill's rhyming couplets have a singsong quality that will instantly capture the attention of young readers." - CM Magazine, Winnipeg, MB.