The sing song rhymes, vibrant illustrations, and loveable characters intertwine to create storybook magic in The Lemonman picture book series.  The series revolves around the main character, Mr. Lemonman, an inexperienced lemon who happens to be the newest permanent resident in the town of Applenook.  The Lemonman is always learning and discovering new things while meeting new friends along the way.


“Oh, the fun we will have in the town of Applenook,
An adventure every time, just turn the page and have a look!

We’ll laugh and we’ll learn, we’ll play and we’ll grow,
Each story is a new beginning, so get ready and let’s go!

With The Lemonman and his friends, we’ll get together every day,
I’ll meet you there tomorrow on the street called Cherry Bay!”


Applenook is a magical town filled with fruits and vegetables that is located in Mr. and Mrs. Applebrookes’ backyard garden.  Other residents of the town include the Worm Community who live down Wiggleworm Lane.  The worms are friendly, but can sometimes be quite a nuisance if you let them, as you will discover in the second book of the series now available, A Party, Some Rain and Wiggleworm Lane.  The town sees many visitors come and go along the way, such as Cunningham C. Toad, a traveling salesman who makes an appearance in the first book, A Picnic, a Toad and Swampwater Road



“It all began a year ago on a warm and sunny day,
When Mr. and Mrs. Applebrooke bought their house on Cherry Bay.

They seemed a tad bit different to those who passed them by,
An odd little couple they were indeed and here’s the reason why.

On one mysterious morning, while in their garden patch,
A sprinkling of their magic floated up beyond their catch.

It landed in their garden and to the Applebrookes’ surprise,
They discovered fruits and vegetables with tiny little eyes.

They heard squeaky giggles and laughter all about,
Then from their little lemon tree there came a startling shout.

“Hi I’m Mr. Lemonman, I’m over here - please look!
I wish to be a part of the town called Applenook!”

And so goes the story of how Applenook began,

Now turn the page to discover about the Lemonman!”


Repeat visits and appearances from favourite friends and neighbors are frequent in the series and children will love getting to know everyone in the town.  The familiarity of the characters and surroundings will leave the young reader wanting more adventures with the Lemonman and his friends on the street called Cherry Bay!   

Why is The Lemonman series unique?

The growing concern with literacy skills in North America warrants the need for earlier reading among children, along with early exposure to books and reading activities within the family home.  According to the Ontario Ministry of Child and Youth Services, approximately one-fifth of all children four or five years of age are showing delays in vocabulary development, and by age eight more than one in every three children fail to meet the provincial standards for reading and writing. 

High quality picture books need to focus not only on bright and colourful illustrations and fun and entertaining stories, but also on the introduction of challenging words for children.  Many existing picture books use simplistic vocabulary that children can easily identify, but with the recent push from parents toward chapter books as opposed to picture books, it is apparent that the picture book world needs some improvement. 


The Lemonman series is filled with challenging vocabulary and sophisticated concepts that will inevitably stir up questions for the young reader.  The following line from A Picnic, a Toad and Swampwater Road includes the words undoubtedly and astray, as an example of stimulating vocabulary and a sophisticated concept:

“It’s been a pleasure,” Cunningham said, as he wobbled on his merry little way,
Completely unaware that the directions he was given would undoubtedly lead him astray.


Additional features in the series include lessons on time, months, seasons and weather.  The time of the year (month and season), the time of the day and the type of weather are noted in every story in the series, to help children learn more about these concepts.  An example of the month and weather:

“It was a bird chirping, flower blooming, sunny sort of day,
Smack dab in the middle of the lovely month of May.” 

And an example of the use of time:

“Professor Celery and Miss Strawberry agreed to join the fun,
‘We’ll meet at Cherry Blossom Park at a quarter after one!’”

Additionally, each story ends with The Lemonman saying goodnight to the moon and going to sleep after his adventure that day, making this series a wonderful addition to any bedtime story collection.



Today was fun, but now it's time to for bed,
The Lemonman needs his rest, as do you my sleepy head.

He crawled into bed and turned out the light,
“Sweet dreams,” said the moon, then he said “goodnight.”

We will meet again soon in a land not far away,
With The Lemonman and his friends on the street called Cherry Bay.